Welcome to our new Career-Confidence.org BLOG!

Welcome to our new Career-Confidence.org BLOG!

By Robert Brandau, Founding Director of Career-Confidence.org

We hope our new Career-Confidence.org blog will help each motivated job seeker to become the most marketable job applicant possible. 

When I greet attendees during our regular Career-Confidence.org seminars, I remind them that they attend our FREE expert job search assistance seminars because they are motivated job seekers.

How are they motivated?

Besides the fact that they realize that no one intuitively knows the most modern job search methodology and are eager to learn it from professionals, they are motivated to:

  • Eagerly learn strategies from professionals in the employment field that empowers their search
  • Gain the skills to succeed as a job seeker in a competitive marketplace
  • Apply our methodologies so that they can speed up their job search

Beyond that, the attendees present themselves on a Saturday dressed for a formal job interview and always ready to make the best professional impression to their colleagues and career expert speakers, who are often recruiters. Several times in 2018, attendees have shown up to our seminars and found themselves in an unexpected true job interview.

Our regular attendees are being hired so fast that we are seeing a decline in our seminar attendees these days. That’s a great problem to have.

Our Purpose

Our core mission at Career-Confidence.org is to improve individual’s lives by providing FREE expert job search skills education and genuine encouragement while expressing Christian compassion. We understand that job searching can be difficult. We help motivated people navigate the journey.

We offer a menu of job search resources that includes, interviewing techniques, negotiating your job offer, writing resumes easy for recruiters to read, using LinkedIn so that recruiters can find you, dealing with every type of recruiter, job fair training, having a job created for you, and many other career topics. We hope to address many of these topics in future blogs.

Career-Confidence.org has a small group job search assistance focus and when possible we provide free one-on-one consultations. We care about our attendees and want to see them land a job as quickly as possible.

During this season of giving, please consider giving a financial gift that is right for you.


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