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We are especially grateful to our supporters who freely give to help people in career transition.

Launch Workplaces in Maryland


Launch Workplaces is the longest continuous provider of space for Career-Confidence.org. It was in their facility in Gaithersburg that we discovered that over $1,000,000 of gift in kind donations were made to our team before we could offer tax credits.

Through our numerous contacts over the years at Launch Workplaces we have found everyone caring and compassionate towards those of us who have unexpected job loss. If you are looking for shared office space in Maryland, please contact Launch Workplaces.




Office Evolution, Tyson’s Corner

John Yu of Office Evolution in Tyson’s Corner, Virginia has gone out of his way to make space available so that Career-Confidence.org can care for people in career transition.  For those people looking for co-working space in Tyson’s Corner, John is great to work with.


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Seminar Attendee

Transition can be a lonely place if you allow it to be. The compassion and inspiration with which the Career-Confidence.org team members deliver must-have tips and tools for the motivated job seeker are unmatched. In only a couple events, Career-Confidence.org has already provided me a treasure trove of information that will allow me to stand out in a competitive market. That they do this free of charge is a testament to their passion, which is evident when you speak to any of the volunteers. I highly recommend Career-Confidence.org to anyone who is motivated and willing to put in the hard work to find their ideal job.

Seminar Attendee

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