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The core mission of Career-Confidence.org is to improve individuals’ lives by providing expert job search skills, education, and genuine encouragement while expressing Christian compassion. Since our speakers are recruiters and Human Resource professionals, we are naturally well-connected with employers and recruiting firms in region. While we are not a job placement service and cannot guarantee a job to anyone, we teach motivated people how to put themselves into the top 4% of candidates with their skill set.  

Some things you can expect from us:

Expert Counsel – We are recruiters and human resource professionals who understand through years of experience what approaches are most likely to succeed to your job search/career transition.

A Range of Helpful Topics – Whether it’s help with your resume, preparing for critical interviews, executing a strong marketing plan, networking strategies into your targeted employers or industries, or managing the more personal aspects of career transition such as family and finances, Career-Confidence.org has people and seminars to help.  

We love teaching advanced job search strategies such as finding a job without a resume, having a job created for you where no job exists, negotiating your job offer and a wide range of other topics.

Fun and Laughter – We’ll give you opportunities to practice new skills on new friends. You’ll get to know each other, and in the process, make new friends.

An Expanded Network – If you participate in our events, you will be meeting new people. They may know someone who can help you get the career opportunity you’ve been waiting for. Networking is such an important element of successful career transition – and we give you chances to build yours.

Lovingly Honest – Sometimes, we encounter people whose expectations concerning job search and career transition are unrealistic – or people whose expectations are valid, but whose job search toolkit needs to be enriched. We aren’t doing you any favors if we don’t call this to your attention. When we do call it to your attention, we are doing it out of love.

Care and Compassion – Not only do our staff and facilitators have real experience making them experts, but many of us have lived through our own seasons of career transition. We know it’s not easy – we can and will empathize. Our goal is always to build people up, and never to tear down.

Christian Compassion – Many (although not all) of us have a personal relationship with Jesus. At the end of our major seminars, some takes 8 minutes to tell the audience how Jesus changed their life. We have had atheists, Jewish and Muslim attendees all tell us that they truly enjoyed these stories.

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Georgiana F. on Meetup

This was an amazing experience. My first time attending. All the speakers did a fabulous presentation, which was clear and educational. I really enjoyed learning new things and meeting great professionals.

Georgiana F. on Meetup

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