Good Afternoon, I was very impressed with the training on Saturday. One take away I heard … is that if you can’t be 1st place, then position yourself as second place. Follow up because often something happens to 1st place. One piece of new advice is that if it isn’t a good fit let the interviewer/s know that you are very interested if another position were to open up more closely aligned as a fit. I love your humor and adore your storytelling. I’m very torn because this weekend … , but I don’t want to miss I told my wife what a blessing you and the team are. We would like to invite you out to dinner in the near future. Hopefully you will come, but either way, I’m going to make a donation online purely on faith because I believe in you and the wonderful work that you are doing to assist many individuals to realize their full potential. May God Bless you.

Seminar Attendee