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If you represent a hiring organization either as an internal recruiter, as an agency recruiter, as an executive search firm, or in any other capacity, offering salaried positions, we would love to help you. participants include a cross-section of potential candidates of all ages and backgrounds. Washington, D.C.-area participants include experienced professionals in information technology, telecommunications, life sciences, financial services, marketing, sales and a host of others . Many of our participants are ex-military. Many have security clearances.

Hidden Gems

A portion of our attendees are extremely well qualified but get over looked by normal recruiting methodology. When your firm accesses this talent pool, you are receiving a quality candidate, motivated to work, immediately available and likely to remain longer term with your firm.

To learn how to tap into our network of professional talent, please contact us via our Contact Form. We will be delighted to get back with you promptly.  While we cannot charge recruiting fees, we would would gladly accept tax deductible donations.

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Melissa G. on Meetup

Today’s Career Confidence meetup filled with insightful discussion, left me feeling very hopeful and optimistic about my future. The group helped me to pinpoint some of my strengths which will be used to help me move forward.

Melissa G. on Meetup

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