Fairfax Co, VA – Beltway Job Search Partners


The beginnings of the Beltway Job Search Partners were varied. The Beltway Job Search Partners is extremely different from other Job Seeker assistance programs of which we are aware.

600_54828042First, only true professionals provide the job search advice. This is quite different from other groups which depend on concerned volunteers. Knowledgeable professionals are far more beneficial to job seekers than volunteers.

Second, we meet on Saturday mornings. This allows us to devote more time to practical job search advice than any other time during the week. It is also the only time where our speakers are available. The true benefit from meeting on Saturday mornings is that only motivated job seekers show up. This is highly attractive to potential employers.

Third, because we want to be able to offer individual attention, we keep the crowd size small. Generally, we are 20-30 people at each session. We are reluctant to have more than 45 people attend these events.

Fourth, there is a seriousness about these events. People are required to dress just like they would for a professional interview. There is also a true level of compassionate caring from the organizers. Many of us have been through job struggles and we want to help others. There is also a “tough love” component. If we need to be blunt in order to help speed up your job search, we will.

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