About Us

How it Started

In 2009, some of us rallied around the idea of using our backgrounds as professional recruiters and career coaches to start an organization to help people in job transition, with no expectation of being paid or of acquiring business through our efforts.  Our vision resulted in Beltway Job Search Partners, the precursor to Career-Confidence.org.  c


The core mission of Career-Confidence.org is to provide expert job search skills education and genuine encouragement while expressing Christian compassion. While we are not a job placement service and cannot guarantee a job to anyone, we do teach people how to put themselves into the top 4% of candidates.

Also we are well-connected with recruiters and placement firms in the communities we serve.

The Future

When we began this journey, we had no idea where this would take us.  Five years, multiple locations and a few thousand attendees later, it is clear that our team is highly effective.  Our new name and our expansion from Northern Virginia to suburban Maryland are realities that reflect our prayerful conviction that it is time to for us to step up and have an even greater positive impact in people’s lives.